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Conference is dedicated to postal services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, with aim to promote postal activity and significance of IT technologies in functioning of postal systems.

This Conference will host domestic and international experts from postal, IT and marketing industry, and participants will have opportunity to obtain inform about current situation in postal sector, and future development of postal sector.

In addition to regional designated postal operators, conference will host representatives of regional Regulatory Postal Agencies, and companies closely cooperating with postal operators.

Having in mind the importance of designated postal operators for each country, this Conference represents excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences with regional experts on obstacles facing designated postal operators in their work, liberalization of market and future  trends in development of postal operators.

In addition to the aforesaid, we will discuss significance of universal postal service, e-government, postal network, regulatory framework in which designated postal operators operate, quality of postal services, customer relations, work organization, new services.